Fello’s Foods of Rhode Island has its beginnings rooted in a family tradition of outdoor grilling. Ogden Fell’s love for the art of outdoor grilling began as a child watching and enjoying his father’s efforts. Over the years Ogden’s own skills have been fine tuned and his “special recipe” rubs and spices are drawing a growing fan club that keeps his catering business hopping.

Whether it’s for five or fifty, Ogden uses his special barbecue and grilling techniques, great appetizers, and cooked to order food to make cooking and eating a true “event”. Even his grilled pizza becomes a special feature as he prepares the dough and adds the toppings for hungry guests.

Chicken and turkey, pork loins, shoulders and ribs, steaks, rib roasts and brisket, shrimp and seafood dishes, pizza and quesadillas are included on Ogden’s outdoor grilling menu. Cooked to order with his special spices, his unusual, tasty creations make truly memorable meals.

Fello’s Foods specialty rubs and spices are Ogden’s creation. His unique process of slow smoking or roasting the ingredients together then mixing the rubs and spices results in a mouthwatering grilling experience. You’ll want some at home too.