The Fello's Foods Story

As a small child, Ogden Fell’s love for outdoor grilling was instilled in the quiet moments when his father came home from work in sunny California. The aroma of hot charcoal, the relaxing sounds of soft music, and the coziness of the cabana are some of his fondest memories. He wasn’t surprised that when they moved to England, his dad moved the grill with them!

It’s no wonder that Ogden’s family and friends have savored his mouth-watering food, or enjoyed a cookout “event” with him. When he started cooking for the Central Coventry Little League in Rhode Island, news traveled fast about the great food and fans began to ask him to cater parties or if they could buy the spices he used.

That’s the story behind Fello’s Foods—an act of love that’s still being shared as Ogden shares his childhood joy of cooking and “breaking bread together”.