Speciality Items

Ogden’s special rubs and spices are available for purchase. All Rubs and Spices are made from smoked, grilled or dried fresh ingredients. Only Kosher or Sea Salt is used. There are no prepared ingredients. No MSG, Wheat Gluten, Iodine or Nut products

Rubs and Spices:

  • Grill Seasoning-The greatest spice for Steak. Hands down.
  • Seasoning Spice-Eggs, Poultry, Vegetables and Seafood. Use like salt.
  • Poultry Rub-The best thing your Thanksgiving Turkey ever tasted.
  • Bayou Blast-For that ‘Ragin’Cajun’ taste. Makes Seafood come alive.
  • Pork Rub-The very last word for a Roast of Pork.
  • Pimentón-Similar to its famous cousin from Spain. A must for Seafood and Meat.
  • Rib Rub-A mellow blend of spices to make your mouth water and your ribs fall off the bone.
  • Brisket Rub-We take our brisket seriously. You’ll understand why.

Look for Fello’s Foods specialty baked items including Breads, Pastries, Cakes and Pies at local retailers in the Rhode Island area. Only the freshest ingredients: organic flour, local eggs and butter go into our baked items.